Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise Owners Continue to Grow

Fresh Healthy Vending Franchise Owners Continue to Grow

Over 33% of company franchisees have grown their business by adding machines to their already successful healthy vending routes.

San Diego, CA  (  The world’s largest Healthy Vending business has appointed 137 franchisees since its inception in 2010. Today, we reported that over 33% of these franchise owners have grown their businesses by adding more machines, a statistic that is overwhelming for the franchise industry as a whole and a true indicator that Healthy Vending as a category is the most promising within the vending industry.

Fresh Healthy Vending provides a business model that incorporates bright, colorful and high-tech Healthy Vending machines that can be operated and monitored remotely. These machines accept debit and credit card and sell a range of popular brand name items such as smoothies, yogurts, organic gourmet coffee, fruits and vegetables in addition to beverages and snack items such as iced tea, protein shakes, organic cookies, bars and chips.

Dan Negroni, the company’s CEO, claims the reason his established Franchisees are buying more machines is because the model is simply so scalable. “Our goal with each franchisee is to deliver the healthy vending machines to locations that provide the best possible chance of financial success. Our in-house locations team has become exceptional at identifying which locations will provide our franchisees with the highest possible return on investment; we then go one step further and secure contracts with each location on our franchisee’s behalf.”

Negroni further states, “In addition to securing the best locations, we have mastered the art of marketing our franchisee’s businesses within each territory so that we create demand. This makes the job so much easier as locations all over the country are calling us every day asking for our product. Both these programs combined lead to more successful franchisees who continue to add machines to their established routes.”

Fresh Healthy Vending has over 137 franchisees available in approximately 45 States of the US and is now operating new franchisees in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Canada. The company has sold over 1800 healthy vending machines in just 2 short years and plans on finishing 2012 with over 2300 machines in total operation.

If you are interested in becoming a Fresh Healthy Vending franchisee, please visit the company website If you are interested in having a Fresh Healthy Vending machine in your business, school, or college please visit .

Contact Dan Negroni, Company CEO on (858) 210-4200 for further information including interviews.