Former Fox News Channel Anchor Brian Wilson Unleashed and Uncensored

Nashville, TN  (  As a top correspondent and anchor on the Fox News Channel Brian Wilson always tried to play it straight up the middle. But now, after leaving Fox, Brian is ready to tell you what he REALLY thinks; about politics — about government — about key elected officials that he observed at close range during his 25 years in Washington, DC — and about the current state of American journalism.

“Everywhere I go, people always seem to be looking for the real inside scoop,” Wilson said recently. “They want your personal impressions of elected officials. They want to know how Washington really works and what you think about the big issues of the day. As a working journalist, striving to be impartial, you are sort of required to pull your punch. You aren’t allowed to call BS when you see it. Now, as an ‘unrestricted free agent’, I can tell you some things that I have been wanting to say for years. Think of it as Brian Wilson unleashed.”

Over the course of 25 years, he has covered the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and everything in between. He is best known for his ability to take very complex and complicated issues and break them down into common sense explanations with his entertaining charisma and thought provoking style.

“There is nothing in the journalism rule book that says good reporting has to be dull reporting. I take that same approach before a live audience. I believe that before you can inform and educate — you must gain their full and undivided attention. Trust me. These speeches will be many things, but they will not be boring.”

Combining his professional journalism to gather facts and talent to present the information in a compelling way and a Texan’s gift for entertaining storytelling, Brian leaves the audience begging for more. No matter what the venue that he speaks, Brian enjoys the question and answer time afterwards – where he talks about Washington’s most colorful figures and the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about how news is gathered.

Among the topics he is prepared to address:

Washington, DC: How Things REALLY Work in News and Politics
The Tea Party Movement: How Angry Voters Are Changing the Political Landscape
What I Saw and Learned During 35 Years in Television News
Effective Communication: Making Sure Your Message is Getting Through

The Grable Group is pleased to serve as the exclusive agent for Brian Wilson. With over twenty years experience, The Grable Group is a leader in the speaking industry working with Fortune 500 Companies and over 30 countries.