Fitbit Launches New Version of Popular Wireless Activity Tracker

Fitbit, the market leader in wireless activity tracking, today launched their newest tracker, the Fitbit Ultra. The Ultra contains all the core functionality of the original tracker: tracking steps, distance, sleep, wireless uploads to, and free online tools, with a device display for real-time feedback. By combining new fitness features such as tracking stairs climbed with additional social and motivational online tools, plus Fitbit’s first iPhone app, the Ultra aims to provide a more powerful and fun way for people get more fit and active throughout their busy days.

Brand new features include:

  • Stair Tracker – Track how many stairs or hills you climb each day; Ultra now contains a state-of the-art altimeter
  • Chatter – Motivational messages like “Walk Me” appear throughout the day
  • Greeting – Name your Fitbit Ultra and it will appear on your display – “Jane” or “FitBuddy”
  • Stopwatch – Challenge yourself to beat a previous time or annotate specific workouts
  • Clock – See the time directly on the display screen
  • Colors – Choose between blue and plum

Additional new online tools and apps:

  • Badges for climbing stairs, steps, and distance keep you motivated.
  • New ways to share fitness achievements on Facebook or Twitter to tap into your support network.
  • Easier ways to find friends to compete with or share out your fitness progress achievements.
  • Food Goal, a weight management tool that dynamically changes based on activities you complete during the day.
  • Fitbit’s first iPhone App for tracking food and activities on the go.

“At Fitbit, we are dedicated to creating everyday health and fitness products that are easy for people to incorporate into their lives. People want an easy to use tracker that gives them real-time stats to help them make smart decisions through their day, is comfortable and discreet to wear, uploads wirelessly and is affordable,” said CEO James Park.

“For Ultra, we held true to this. People often overlook the power of stairs in achieving fitness. By combining stair climbing with social and motivational features, we think we can help people fit more fitness into their everyday lives in a fun and easy way.”

The new Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Tracker is currently available in the U.S. and Canada by ordering online at for $99.95 and will be available by mid-October in select retail locations across the U.S.

Walking and Taking the Stairs Adds Up, and Up and Up

Trend research indicates our shift to a more sedentary lifestyle is slowly taking its toll on our health. Health experts advise that we can minimize the negative impacts of low physical activity in our lives in simple ways: by walking and being generally more active throughout our day. Also, recent studies show that adding stair climbing into a daily routine is proven to lower body fat, minimize waist circumference and burn up to 400% more calories than walking.

The new Fitbit Ultra is the only all-day activity tracker to measure floors climbed. Ultra’s accelerometer and state-of-the-art altimeter technology work together to track movement from climbing the stairs. This smart technology combination understands the difference between climbing stairs and taking the elevator.

Fitbit also updated its online dashboard to better track personal fitness metrics and achievements for a more visually motivating, comprehensive experience.  For example, compares daily climb activities to well-known landmarks around the world such as The Eiffel Tower and Machu Picchu.

About Fitbit

Founded in 2008 in San Francisco, CA, Fitbit is the market leader for wireless activity trackers. Fitbit is dedicated to delivering simple, innovative health and fitness products and services that engage people to lead healthier, more active lives by giving them the tools to become more aware, more motivated and more fit every day. Fitbit is funded by the Foundry Group, True Ventures, and SoftTech VC. Fitbit products can be purchased on or through any one of our many retail partners, like Best Buy, REI, Amazon, Radio Shack and 24 Hour Fitness.  For more information please visit and connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.