Emeri Pink Moscato Finds Sweet Spot in Chicago

Chicago, IL  (Profitable.com)  An Australian sparkling pink wine has captured the fancy of Chicagoans who have purchased more of it than residents of any other U.S. city.

Emeri De Bortoli’s Pink Moscato is selling up to 1,000 cases per week in Illinois, the majority inChicago, according to Craig Orchard, vice president of sales and operations, De Bortoli USA (www.emeri.us).

Emeri is now the leading pink Moscato in the U.S., buoyed by its reputation for lighter alcohol content of 8% compared to an average of 12% for other wines, and a price that will fit most budgets at$12.99/750ml bottle.

A closer look at Chicago reveals that a wide range of consumers are purchasing Emeri, from women who buy it by the bottle at upscale grocery stores to young hip-hop fans sipping it from slim Champagne flutes in local clubs.

Between Dec. 2011 and March 2012, De Bortoli Wines USA will promote Emeri Pink Moscato in select Chicago neighborhoods on billboards, posters, advertising in the city magazine, Chicago Reader and other media.

The popular, bubbly wine has taken on a life of its own beyond any type of planned marketing activities.  Fans have set up their own Facebook page with nearly 2,500 fans, while websites and bloggers are popping up to promote Moscato Nation, “…an association for those who love America’s fastest-growing varietal.”

Even the media have jumped on the bandwagon with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s story, “Hip-hop finds a wine,” and Consumer Reports’ 2011 selection of Emeri Pink Moscato as its No. 1 pick for a Valentine’s Day toast based on price and taste. That was followed by an article in Consumer Reports’ sister magazine, Shop Smart, which also gave its 800,000 readers a thumbs-up on Emeri.

States, other than Illinois, where Emeri Pink Moscato has become a hit are South Carolina, New Jersey/New York, Tennessee,Indiana, Georgia, Michigan, Texas and Wisconsin. Also in the family of Emeri Sparkling Wines are Emeri Moscato, Emeri Sauvignon Blanc and Emeri Pinot Grigio.

In Chicago, Emeri is available at a number of grocery and drugstore retailers, big box stores, at some bars and nightclubs.

To learn more about Emeri Pink Moscato and its three sparkling sisters, visit www.emeri.us. For photos and more information, media may contact Olga Haley, olga@leoketel.com 503-860-0848.