Electronic Cigarettes – Can I Really Smoke Anywhere?

Electronic Cigarettes – Can I Really Smoke Anywhere?

Well not really. Smoking is what you are not doing when using an Ecig. You are not producing actual smoke you are Vaping or emitting water and nicotine vapors. So technically this is not smoking. But morally that is another question.

Some people will feel that because no burning of tobacco occurs they are not smoking. So can I use my e-cigarette anywhere? Not so fast.

Let’s look at the scenarios involved. Legally you are not smoking but any establishment restaurant airline or otherwise have the right to ask its patrons or customers not to use their ecig.  With the mass of the population not realizing the differences between ecigarettes and regular cigarettes this can present some unique problems.  If you are in a non-designated smoking area and just proceed to pull out that Ecig and start making clouds of vapor most people will be offended and swear that you are smoking in a no smoking area. This is a testament to how realistic and satisfying ecigs have become.

 In order to avoid these kinds of confrontations we suggest that you approach and educate if possible the owner or manager of the establishment and assure them of the difference.  Some may embrace the E cigs while others will have issues with its use believing that it will cause issues with clients or customers.  Either way heed the owners wishes and pleas use common sense when using your Ecig in a public place. You want to win these people over with educating them and possibly getting them interested in your new ecig. This is the smartest way to a better E Cigarette acceptance and coexistence. Who knows it may lead to something bigger. And remember to thank them and of course tell others about it. Good press never hurts.

Like most new technologies the market is becoming full of false claims and bad products so do you research and check reviews before you buy that new Ecig. And remember many companies who sell electronic cigarettes claim that using an e-cigarette allows you to smoke everywhere and anywhere, specifically where smoking is prohibited. But this is not always true. In principle it is true as E Cigs produce NO smoke. It is Vapor (mostly water, liquid nicotine, and flavorings) so until laws are adopted specific to their use you are legal to use them. But morally they do come with sensible responsibility.

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