Direct Content Sales Platform Enables Content Owners to Sell Inside Facebook

Video, Audio or E-Book content owners can now turn their Facebook page into a direct sales channel with social interaction. Facebook friends or others browsing the page can preview, order and consume the content right inside of Facebook or by using the native apps available for virtually every connected device (PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, BlackBerry).

Major Hollywood Studios such as Warner or Universal are already using their Facebook presence for direct sales. For the first time, smaller studios and independent content owners can now do the same with their content and combine social marketing power with a secure and powerful cloud-based distribution platform.

“We currently serve about 1500 content owners, and being able to use Facebook for revenue generation and not just customer communication was a frequent request,” says Michael Schmidt, VP Marketing of FlickRocket. “With the FlickRocket Webshop, content owners can directly harvest from their social marketing activities without losing conversions through a transfer out of Facebook.”

About FlickRocket

FlickRocket ( is a division of ACE GMBH, located in Germany, which is a pioneer in secure cloud-based multi-platform content distribution solutions, used by major Hollywood Studios and VOD services. FlickRocket, with offices in the United States and Germany, operates direct-to-consumer webshop solutions for content owners worldwide.