DealExtreme Kicks Off ‘Wine Gadgets for Wine-Lovers’ Sale!

Tis the season for vineyard hopping, grape harvesting, and wine festivals! Every year from August to October, millions travel to far off, exotic lands to attend thousands of outdoor wine and beer festivals across the globe.

Can’t make it to Napa Valley this year? Put together your own exclusive wine tasting at home! DealExtreme has all the wine accessories you need to taste and serve your favorite wines – at fabulously low prices. From bottle openers to breathalyzers, DealExtreme has all the electronic gadgets and wine accessories that wine connoisseurs need to host a great party!

First, get your hands on the basic wine serving essentials, like DealExtreme’s professional wine opener and stopper set. This sleek looking, easy-to-use wine opener will uncork any bottle in less than 3 seconds! – A wine-lover’s dream that allows you to effortlessly extract the cork from any size wine bottle with a simple lever action. Just grip the handles, push, and you’ve uncorked your vino perfectly in seconds! No more endless twisting, messes, or damaging corks beyond the point of recognition. A perfect gift for any wine enthusiast or party host at a palatable price! Includes an air-tight wine stopper.

Can’t finish that bottle of expensive wine? Then save it and lock in the freshness with a wine vacuum sealer from DealExtreme. A must have for any wine connoisseur that eliminates waste and preserves the flavor of those partially consumed bottles. It keeps your corked vino fresh for over a week by pumping out the extra air and slowing down the oxidation process. Keeps wine fresh for up to 10 days. An essential gift for any wine-lover and a must-have for any at-home bar!

Not sure if your wine is the right temperature for serving? Why guess if your wine is chilled just right or too warm to serve, when you could know? Serve your wine at the perfect drinking temperature – and look like a sophisticated wine expert – with the help of DealExtreme’s wine thermometers. Just place the collar-shaped thermometer over your wine bottle for an instant reading and serve! It’ll come in handy on those nights when you need to impress your elitist boss or make a good impression with work colleagues. Look smart, be savvy, and be the perfect host!

Had a few drinks and not sure if you’re below the legal alcohol limit? Get an estimate on your blood alcohol content before you get in the car with DealExtreme’s LCD breathalyzer with watch and alarm. Running on just two AAA batteries, it’s compact and portable enough to take anywhere. No bigger than your cell-phone, this pocket-sized breathalyzer will easily fit just about anywhere – your briefcase, purse, or glove compartment. Keep it in your car or bring it to your next party. And, always remember: don’t drink and drive!