DC-Authored College Admissions Book Quickly Gaining in Popularity

“Six Weeks to Success: College Admission Secrets and (Un)Common Application Strategies Revealed” has quickly become one of the most popular books for high schoolers looking for insider information into the college admissions process.

Washington DC  (Profitable.comAshley Baker, Duke University graduate and Founder and CEO of Civica Global Admissions Consulting, LLC, authored “Six Weeks to Success: College Admission Secrets and (Un)Common Application Strategies Revealed”. It took awhile for the book to gain popularity, but as high school students discovered the invaluable advice from this college admissions insider, sales skyrocketed in May 2013.

Ms. Baker’s book demystifies every aspect of the college application process. Through its week-by-week program, Six Weeks makes it easy for high school students to create their best college applications, using self-exploration, personal brand statements, college research, networking, and writing tips. Six Weeks covers every topic from early application and standardized tests, to special considerations for athletic, artistic, and legacy students, to evaluating and ultimately accepting an offer of admission.

Aside from the six-week program, Six Weeks includes guides for pre-law, pre-business, pre-graduate school, and pre-military students, and for women, students with disabilities, and international students. This book is part of a larger campaign, Civica Global Admissions Consulting, which provides services for students in need of help with their college applications.