DailySteals.com Promotes Daily Deals to 550 Million Users on Facebook

DailySteals.com Promotes Daily Deals to 550 Million Users on FacebookDaily Steals is tapping into Mark Zuckerberg’s 550-million-user empire by promoting its daily deals online to an enthusiastic audience of rabid Facebook deal hunters. Available at http://www.DailySteals.com, the site offers major savings of over 80 percent off on electronics, luxury items, household goods, toys and mobile products.

Recognizing Facebook’s growing influence on society and business, Time Magazine recently named Zuckerberg the 2010 Person of the Year. Zuckerberg’s seven-year-old site is growing faster than ever, making it an important asset for companies like Daily Steals. Representing 1 out of every 4 page views in America, Facebook gains an estimated 700,000 members every day.

Daily Steals is harnessing the social network with a thriving user-base of its own on the Daily Steals fan page, located at http://www.facebook.com/DailySteals. Liked by over 9,000 users, the page is home to daily caption contests featuring everything from nuns in nylons to bike-riding sumo wrestlers. Caption contest winners are chosen by vote out of hundreds of submissions and receive an ever-changing mystery prize. The 1 deal a day site also imports a feed of the Daily Steals blog, http://www.DailyStealsBlog.com.  

“Facebook is a crucial component to online retail, and the deal-a-day industry is no exception. We don’t just promote our daily deals online, we engage our audience through daily caption contests and other fun giveaways. We’re fostering an interactive and entertaining community so users want to check DailySteals.com and our Facebook page every day,” said Matt Wiener, CEO of Daily Steals.

Daily Steals isn’t the only online store looking to incorporate Facebook into its business strategy. This holiday season, shopping sites Amazon.com and Etsy have been using Facebook “like” data to send out personalized gift recommendations to users. Over half of the top 25 online retailers have enabled Facebook integration; eBay, for example, created a feature called “Group Gifts” that allows Facebook friends to share the costs of purchases.

In addition to its Facebook presence, Daily Steals conducts a weekly raffle for its email subscribers with high-end prizes including iPods and televisions. The daily deals site also posts hilarious videos at http://www.youtube.com/DailySteals to promote bargains and announce raffle winners. Daily Steals jazzes up its featured deals with quirky descriptions, song lyrics, funny anecdotes and more.

“Deal-hunting isn’t a pastime, it’s a lifestyle. The deal-a-day market has blown up in recent years as more and more shoppers have started choosing daily deals sites over retailers. And with the increased level of competition, the deals have only gotten sweeter. Daily Steals has managed to stand out for our interactive contests and in-your-face personality – not to mention our phenomenal savings,” Wiener said.

Like Facebook itself, Daily Steals has rapidly expanded to accommodate its burgeoning fan-base. The site offers a flagship deal at its home page, in addition to 1 deal a day at each of four category sites: http://mobile.dailysteals.com, http://home.dailysteals.com, http://luxury.dailysteals.com, and http://toys.dailysteals.com.