Cyber Deals on Neon Wall Clocks Brighten the Holidays

Cyber Deals on Neon Wall Clocks Brighten the HolidaysAthens, GA  (  Bargain shoppers are scouring the web for Cyber Monday deals on unique gifts for those on their shopping list.  Neon wall clocks are a great way to instantly add energy and life to a room without the high cost of other decorative items. All rooms of the house can benefit from a neon wall clock. Install one that is less bright and more soothing to add nighttime light to a bedroom. Choose a brightly colored, retro style neon wall clock for a kitchen or living room. Almost any bathroom décor style can be matched with a stylish clock, which doubles as a light at night when you are trying to find the bathroom in the dark.

The glow of a neon wall clock is not harsh or intrusive, but it adds color to any space. Lighted clocks allow you to read the time quickly no matter what other light is available in room. But neon wall clocks aren’t just a great choice for your home. They also make the perfect gift for a variety of people. Young children and teenagers will love whimsical designs like guitars and princesses. Adults will appreciate the retro clocks mimicking the classic look of a 50’s diner or that are related to their interests, like a motorcycle or U.S. Army logo design. is currently showcasing the following on its website:

Coca Cola Vintage Neon Wall Clock
List Price $99.99
Sale Price $41.14

Blue Neon Guitar Neon Wall Clock
List Price $58.00
Sale Price $41.00

United States Navy Neon Wall Clock
List Price $99.99
Sale Price $73.02

Superman Shield Logo Neon Wall Clock
List Price $119.99
Sale Price $99.99

Welcome to Las Vegas Neon Wall Clock
List Price $119.99
Sale Price $87.99 offers a huge selection of sports-themed wall clocks for sports fans.  Supplies are limited.

Corporate gifts are difficult to choose because of the wide variety of employees and customers your gift must be appropriate for. Wall clocks, especially neon ones, are unique and can be personalized with your phrase and logo, but are generic enough to be pleasing to anyone.

Not all neon wall clock designs are loud and bright either. Plenty of neon wall clock designs feature stylish or ultra modern qualities that will fit any interior design theme. If you’re searching for the perfect gift or for a unique new decorative item for your home, choose a neon wall clock today.