Convert YouTube Video to MP3 with Sothink Video Converter

Sothink Free Video Converter 3.4, released on SothinkMedia Website, is super fast and all-in-one video converter freeware, which helps users convert video to any other video and audio formats (e.g. YouTube video to MP3) with lightning-fast speed, high quality and an intuitive and multi-language interface.

In recent years, video sharing sites such as YouTube have become more and more popular on the Internet, and more and more people choose such kind of sites as the way to watch movies, lives and dramas.

If you get the YouTube videos downloaded (with free YouTube downloader), not only can you watch the local videos freely without net connection, but you can also deal with the videos by other means, for example, video editing, video uploading, or even video extracting.

It is common to edit or upload local videos, but why do people need to extract video? At present, the most extracted elements from video are audio files (in MP3 format as usual), and the users who usually convert video to MP3 are mainly the following ones that:

  1. Need to get the audio element from some movie for video editing;
  2. Want to extract the audio from some foreign language education video for listening practice;
  3. Want to put the audio from some live concert into MP3 player;
  4. Need to procure the audio only from some live speech for radio broadcasting;

In that case, how to convert YouTube video into MP3 format? Actually it is not difficult at all. Sothink Video Converter is also a free YouTube converter that is capable of converting YouTube video to other video and audio formats.

Firstly, please download and install Sothink Video Converter into your computer. Of course, you need to have the YouTube video downloaded into your computer as well. Next, please add the video file into the video converter and check it. And then, go to the left panel, choose “Generic Audio” > “MP3 Audio” in “Encoding Profile”, and start the conversion by clicking “Convert” button. Finally, you will get the converted audio in MP3 format as you like. In addition, during the conversion, you can see the converting status and the estimated converting time in the bar.

See? Is it easy? You needn’t be professional in video editing, and you needn’t spend money to do the job, either. What you need is just know how to use mouse and install program! That’s all!

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