Consumer Reports Ranks McDonald’s Burgers at the Bottom

Consumer Reports recently surveyed 28,000 subscribers on their preferences of fast food burgers and the results were a surprise.  McDonald’s, the fast food giant that has served billions of burgers since its inception, ranked bottom on the list.  In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys Burgers and Fries ranked high on the survey results that can be found in the Consumer Reports October issue and on their website.

Consumer Reports Ranks McDonalds Burgers at the Bottom

Consumer Reports Ranks McDonalds Burgers at the Bottom

The survey asked the participants to judge eighteen different fast food establishments that are located around the country. When making their judgment they were to rank the last burger eaten from the restaurant on a scale from one to ten. McDonald’s wasn’t the only popular chain to rank near the bottom. Wendy’s and Burger King also scored much lower than the frontrunners, although they did rank a bit higher than the fast food giant. Those at the top were noted for their taste and included chains such as Fuddruckers, Burgerville and Back Yard Burgers.

Consumer Reports didn’t base the report strictly on the survey. The magazine had a reporter conduct a comparison between Five Guys and McDonald’s. The conclusion from the reporter was that the Five Guys burger was larger and had more beef and toppings to choose from than the basic burger at McDonald’s. The price tag was a bit different with Five Guys getting $5 for their basic fare while McDonald’s only gained $1 for theirs. But according to the report, the McDonald’s patty had a greasier taste and the toppings were lacking in comparison.

The October issue of Consumer Reports includes the report and ratings of all the burgers and can be found in stores and newsstands on September 7th. The Consumer Reports website will also have the report available.