Cloud Computing Middleware Company Announces Secure Content Distribution Services

CloudPointe, LLC announced today enhancements to its CloudPointe Connect service for secure controlled delivery of documents and digital assets.  The enhancements enable organizations to share sensitive documents and digital assets, including video, to any recipient with an assigned passwords, expiration date, and restrictions for saving, printing and redistribution.

“Email has long been both a blessing and a challenge to the industry,” says CEO Andrew Schwabe.  “Once you send an email with an attachment, you have lost all control and that document can end up in anybody’s hands.”  The new service enhancements allow users to send secure links to people via email and lets you choose whether recipients can save, print, comment or redistribute documents and other digital assets.  Source content is automatically converted so that recipients are not required to have specific software to review them.  This works for documents, videos, engineering drawings and many other formats.  “With CloudPointe Connect’s new enhancements, you can continue to use email to communicate with people, but you now have a secure, controlled alternative to email attachments,” Schwabe continued.

With CloudPointe Connect’s document linking technology, customers “point” to their source documents and digital assets, as opposed to attaching a specific version of a document directly to an email message.  Linking to your source establishes a “single source of truth” for your critical documents and digital assets and allows users from multiple endpoints, such as website portals, mobile devices and email links, to have “always up-to-date” access to your content.  This eliminates data duplication, reduces risk and ensures that people are always looking at the most updated version of content, even if they open a link from an old email message.

Source documents and digital assets can reside in a Microsoft SharePoint repository, on Amazon S3, Google Docs, FTP or any other enterprise storage and requires no special software to be installed or integrated to your existing infrastructure.

About CloudPointe, LLC

CloudPointe is the first cloud based middleware company that offers a SaaS based collaboration platform designed to provide intelligent digital asset control services for both enterprise and low cost cloud storage.  CloudPointe offers a free account that connects to FTP and Google Docs storage. More information is available on the CloudPointe website at Follow CloudPointe on Facebook and Twitter.