Civicom Launches Dial-in App for Mobile Shopper Insights

Greenwich, CT  (  Civicom Marketing Research Services, a global leader in facilitating studies for marketing research professionals, has launched a mobile App to support its unique dial-in technology for mobile marketing research studies. Consumers participating in research activities use the App to simply dial in and record their thoughts while going about their shopping experience.

Within ten minutes of a recording, researchers and their clients can go to their Civicom online account and click on the recordings and listen to them. They can hear immediately and exactly what people are deciding to do at the point of purchase. There is no more immediate form of access directly to the consumer’s mind.

Today, marketing moves at the speed of light. Marketing strategies for products depend to a great extent on the factors behind the actual buying decisions of consumers. It’s fairly easy for researchers to get into the minds of consumers after the fact. However, whether the consumer’s recall after the fact is an accurate representation of what actually drove the buying decision at the point of purchase is harder to ascertain. This is the reason why the App behind Civicom’s dial-in mobile qualitative technology is so essential to the marketing research process.

Many Apps are available for researches to entice consumers to take mobile surveys on smart phones. These tools require consumers to select choices from a list of pre-loaded attributes. The Civicom Mobile Qualitative App is the leading technology that allows consumers to explain in their own words why they are making a decision. Understanding the ‘Why’ is the key to understanding consumer choice. Civicom Mobile Qualitative tools provide the means to get at the real reasons why a market will gravitate towards a certain brand.

Researchers can also use the Civicom Mobile Qualitative dial-in technology without the App. The technology operates in almost every country in the world. No matter the location of the consumer, their language, or the number of consumers involved, the recordings are available immediately.