Central Florida Kids Lose Textbooks and Gain iPads

Central Florida Kids Lose Textbooks and Gain iPadsIs the age old chore of carrying around a bag full of heavy textbooks disappearing into the digital age? Lucky students at one Central Florida High School no longer have textbooks, instead they have been issued iPads.

Out with the old and in with the new! Lake County high school students don’t have the back to school blues this year, and why should they? Going back to school rewards them with a brand new iPad. These students will not be burdened with the chore of carrying around heavy textbooks any longer. The iPads that the students will pick up will come pre-loaded with lots of educational material, and it provides an interesting approach to teaching and learning. How long will it be until they replace teachers with software?

Is there a dark cloud on this shiny electronic horizon?

Some parents are outraged at this new addition, and they have every right to be. Each student that picks up an iPad must pay a $30.00 maintenance fee, and what really has parents worried is the fact that each student is responsible for the $400 iPad. Are high school students responsible enough to successfully take care of an iPad for a whole school year?

High school is a time when adolescent emotions, teen angst, and I know it all attitudes rule the land. How many iPads will get broken as a result of these three all too common high school traits?

What happens if the iPad in the students possession does break? This is an answer that many parents want to know, but once they learn the answer they will not like it. If an iPad in the students possession does get broken, parents and students are responsible for the $400 replacement bill. At a time when money is tight, and the economy is in a nosedive, some parents are very angry with this textbook conversion.

What is the upside to this conversion?

Students will not have to carry textbooks any longer. They will not be responsible for managing a whole locker full of encyclopedia sized textbooks. A lot of students are more drawn to learning on the iPad. This will encourage them to work more, work harder, and learn. That is the whole reason they are in school in the first place. Lake Minneola High is the first public high school in Central Florida to replace textbooks for iPpads. Will they set the soon to be standard for other schools?

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