Can Stock Photo Surpasses 5 Million Stock Photos & Illustrations

Stock photo company Can Stock Photo has reached the 5 million photo mark; averaging an astonishing pace of 50k+ stock photos added weekly.

Can Stock Photo Surpasses 5 Million Stock Photos & IllustrationsCan Stock Photo has announced that its independent library of stock photos has surpassed the 5 million milestone, reaffirming the company as one of the world’s largest independent stock photography libraries.

The microstock photography company has seen rapid library growth in the past year, largely attributed to significantly increasing contributor earnings and a file submission process that is widely regarded as one of the fastest and most efficient in the industry. This has enabled the company to add over 2 million new images in the past year alone.

The prestige of having over 5 million independent images in Can Stock Photo’s library is something that few agencies in the world can lay claim to. While many competing agencies share and distribute their images to one another to increase their advertised image count, Can Stock Photo’s library is independent of such sharing & licensing agreements.

“Every single image on our site was submitted directly to us, inspected by our staff, and is maintained directly by us. We don’t license outside images. Our approach is increasingly rare among our competitors, and provides us with the significant advantage of being able to provide much greater accountability to our customers. Our customers know exactly where our images came from, and know that they all meet our high independent standards.” – Duncan Enman, general manager

The news of reaching the 5 million image mark comes on the heels of another major announcement by the company last month, who launched a new version of it’s website, complete with a sophisticated search engine that is billed as one of the fastest in the industry. By combining their new design, search engine, and massive library, Can Stock Photo aims to provide one of the largest independent stock photography collections with one of the fastest stock image search engines.

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About Can Stock Photo:

Can Stock Photo is a royalty free stock photography agency which was founded in 2004 out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The company offers over 5 million stock photos, illustrations, and video clips. The company has over 17,000 photographers around the world, and adds nearly 10,000 stock photos per day.

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