Brookstone Spies 2011 Gift Trends

Merrimack, NH  (  The results are in, and the gift experts at Brookstone have announced four hot buying trends this Holiday season. The product development company and specialty retailer is seeing a strong attraction to four key product categories, ranging from app control and iPad tablets to massage and merry-making.

“We’re seeing a continuation of the home entertaining trend and have several winning products sure to be the hit of the party,” said Brookstone CEO Ron Boire. “With 300 gifts under fifty dollars and hundreds more on, shoppers are sure to find clever gifts for everyone on their list for a great value at Brookstone.”

Holiday Gift Trends at Brookstone for 2011

Total App-Control

App-controlled vehicles have achieved techno-nirvana by successfully combining the live-action toys with streaming video and night vision. Here’s the rundown on this year’s best app gifts.

Rover Wireless Spy Tank

It’s the video-streaming, night-vision wireless tank that’s taking over holiday wish lists across the nation. Drives by iPod touch®, iPhone® or iPad® device using free downloadable app. For ages 14 and up. $149.99

Parrot® AR.Drone™ Quadricopter

Built-in Wi-Fi connection, accelerometer and gyroscopes let pilots fly it using an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad® or Android™ device using free downloadable app. Built-in video cameras let the pilot view the flight from the AR.Drone’s perspective. For ages 14 and up. $299.99

Wi-Fi Racer

Ready, set… GO! This app-controlled 1/10-scale racecar generates its own Wi-Fi. Drivers can steer the racer using the accelerometer on their iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Beginner, advanced and expert driving modes keep things interesting. For ages 14 and up. $99.99


Tankbots are mini vehicles that can be driven via Apple iOS or Android™ devices. Infrared obstacle detection and an autonomous personality mode to explore terrain and navigate through mazes, and even duel each other. Available in multiple colors. For ages 8 and up. $29.99 each

Soulo™ Karaoke—Wireless Microphone with Pitch Control

Soulo takes the music in any iPad, iPod touch or iPhone device, strips out the vocal, and then lets anyone be the star of the show. Soulo streams lyrics onto the screen and uses real-time pitch enhancement to keep less-than-professional singers in tune. $99.99

Hot Gifts for iPad Lovers

More iPad users in the world means more people trying to personalize and accessorize. Brookstone is the gift destination for the tablet lover on everyone’s list.

Bluetooth® Keyboard Portfolio  

Foldover portfolio has a built-in Bluetooth® wireless keyboard that lets iPad users type with wild abandon. In cool new colors.$99.99

Brookstone® Boombox    

Lose the cassettes not the swagger. This portable stereo lets people “share” music with everyone on the block… just by docking their iPad tablet. $129.99

Hot for the Host

Brookstone is happy to announce that the party is back with a vengeance. Here’s what’s coming to parties this year.

Automatic Wine Opener with Built-in Foil Cutter

Corks (and foils) have met their match. Thirsty guests will be impressed by how quickly this opener lets them get to their wine. It’s placed over the bottle, a twist removes the wine foil, and then a push of the button removes the cork. Cordless and rechargeable. $49.99

Vinturi® Wine Aerator

Guests may think the wine is more expensive than it really is. This handheld device instantly “breathes” wine as each glass is poured, enhancing flavor and bouquet. Available for red or white wines and for liquors. From $39.99

Obol®, the Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

If adult beverages aren’t the main attraction at the party, Obol® makes a great conversation-starting gift for your hosts (or their kids). This very modern-looking bowl has two sections—an upper area for cereal (or holiday cookies), and a lower reservoir for milk. One swoops a scoop of cereal onto a spoon, then swoops into the milk for the perfect crispy bite every time. Also great for soup and crackers or chips and salsa. $19.99

Feel-Good Gifts

Feel-good gifts like massagers, slippers and memory foam pillows are always popular during the holiday season.

Brookstone® Body Bean

It’s a high-tech update on the beloved hot water bottle that’s cordless and rechargeable. It’s great for soothing aches and pains, tired muscles, and for just keeping warm on a chilly day. $34.99

3-in-1 Heated Wrap—with Body Bean

Pairs a cordless Body Bean with versatile body wrap that holds the Bean against the lower back, neck and shoulders, or anywhere else soothing warmth is needed. $49.99

Active Sport Handheld Massager

Brookstone is finding that athletes and other active people are using handheld massagers to soothe and loosen up muscles before and after workouts. The Active Sport Massager packs plenty of massaging horsepower and has 3 interchangeable massage heads that let users target specific areas or enjoy all-over relief. $69.99

Tempur-Pedic® Comfort-Step Slippers

Revolutionary Tempur-Pedic® slippers deliver maximum comfort with a pressure-relieving breathable material, while the durable hard sole is ideal for around the house and quick trips out to the mailbox. “The best slippers I’ve ever owned … I would never think about wearing another type of slipper now.” – Susie, Brookstone Customer Review $49.99

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