Boosting Your Business Continuity Capabilities: The Key to a Speedy Recovery

When is the best time to think about a business continuity plan? Certainly not after disaster strikes. While this may sound like something straight off an insurance commercial, disaster recovery is a reality that needs to be addressed every single day to prevent and recover from business disruptions. Far from just an “insurance policy,” business continuity should instead be recognized as a critical component to the success of your IT operations, keeping services available to customers, employees, suppliers, regulators and other entities.  

Unfortunately, without the proper tools, the road to preparedness can be filled with many potholes. Aside from dealing with ongoing budget crunches, one recent survey found that about two-thirds of data center managers think their data centers are too complex to manage easily – and more than half reported an increase in internal service-level-agreement (SLA) demands. Other challenges to achieving a proper business continuity plan include:

  • Establishing a defined process to ensure business will resume in a timely fashion in the event of a disaster
  • Coordinating the restoration of IT services, applications and data after an outage
  • Managing interruptions to routine processes that can have a major impact on an organization and lead to lost revenue

Still, without a business continuity plan, companies faced with a disaster could be hit with a devastating impact, resulting in lost revenue, compliance breaches, loss of customers, and a tarnished brand. Symantec offers disaster recovery solutions that will:

  • Work with your existing infrastructure, platforms, storage, applications and replication technologies
  • Achieve SLA requirements with proven technologies to automate application and data recovery across physical and virtual environments
  • Improve the effectiveness of your disaster recovery plan with comprehensive, non-disruptive failover testing and validation
  • Reduce complexity through centralized management across all major platforms

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