Bonavitas Distinguishes Itself as an Industry Innovator by Including a Host of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants, for Optimum Nutrition and Good Life Fitness Products

Bonavitas announced today that it will enter the sports and recovery drink industry this fall with exceptional ingredients and featuring high-quality protein, but also providing carbohydrates designed to be absorbed at a steady rate – thus avoiding the “crash” that is common to lesser quality carbohydrate sources such as sugar.

“Prior to the late 1960s, trainers and coaches actually discouraged athletes from drinking fluids during physical activity. Today, we know that proper hydration is not only essential for solid performance – but it’s also vital for recovery and good health in general,” said Tommy Wilson, President of Bonavitas.

Water alone provides adequate hydration for most daily activities. However, it does not provide the nutrients necessary for recovery during and after more intense physical activity, such as team sports or a rigorous workout.

Most sports drinks contain sodium and other electrolytes to replenish what is lost during extreme perspiration. This makes them a better choice than water. Sports drinks that contain carbohydrates in addition to sodium go a step further, in that they provide fuel for muscles recovery, in addition to hydration.

There is an abundance of sports drinks on the market – many of them containing sodium only, or a combination of sodium and carbohydrates. But, the difference between being just a sports drink and being a true recovery drink lies mainly in the presence of a third ingredient – protein.

Protein, when combined with carbohydrates, appears to increase muscle glycogen and muscle protein – both essential for effective muscle recovery. Very few sports and recovery drinks on the market include protein, and even fewer provide it in conjunction with slow-release carbohydrates.

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Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Bonavitas is a nutraceutical company that provides healthy lifestyle functional food and supplement options for those interested in products that do not contain artificial, colors, sweeteners or flavors. Our products are designed to meet the needs of tired people. Bonavitas proposes to enter the natural dietary supplement and functional beverage channels by offering consumers a suite of products that address both the immediate need for a specific product function such as hydration or energy as we begin to tackle the underlying causes for the consumer’s tiredness. Our goal is to offer consumers products that work today but offer them a better future as well.