Blockbuster Introduces Thousands of In-Store Movie Rentals for Only 99 Cents Per Day

Blockbuster Introduces Thousands of In-Store Movie Rentals for Only 99 Cents Per DayBlockbuster L.L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH), has announced that it is lowering the in-store rental price of thousands of movies to only 99 cents per day, introducing single day pricing, and offering lower priced rentals on the newest releases.  To celebrate the start of this new pricing, Blockbuster is also launching an unlimited free in-store movie rental promotion through July 4, 2011.  These new prices and promotions are offered at participating Blockbuster stores.

Thousands of Movies Only 99 Cents

Starting today, there’s no place consumers can get more movies for less than at Blockbuster stores. Thousands of titles in each store will be available for only 99 cents per day.

Single Day Pricing

Alongside the thousands of movies for only 99 cents a day, Blockbuster is pleased to launch single day pricing that lets customers decide how long they want to keep their movie. Just released movies will be priced at only $2.99 for the first day, while other new releases will be priced at $1.99 for the first day. Additional rental days for all movies are priced at only 99 cents per day.

“Our customers are seeking a better value – we’ve answered with new pricing and the flexibility of single day rentals,” said Michael Kelly, president of Blockbuster. “Our new pricing gives our customers the best of both worlds: access to the latest releases – many 28 days before Netflix and Redbox – and the most movies at low prices.”

Unlimited movie rentals

To celebrate the new pricing, Blockbuster is excited to launch a promotion where customers can receive unlimited movie rentals for free in Blockbuster stores through July 4. When customers rent a Blockbuster movie priced at $2.99, they can rent another movie priced at $1.99 or less – free for the first day. When finished watching the free movie rental, customers can return to the Blockbuster store an unlimited number of times to get another one-day rental of any title priced at $1.99 or less – also for free – through July 4 (one free rental out at a time).

“Our movie experts are ready in more than 1,700 Blockbuster stores nationwide to give customers the greatest value and widest selection of movies, TV shows and games,” added Kelly.

These limited time promotions are only available at participating Blockbuster stores.

About Blockbuster

Blockbuster L.L.C., a subsidiary of DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH), is a leading global provider of movie and game rentals and is synonymous with family entertainment. The company provides customers with convenient access to media entertainment anywhere, any way – whether in-store, by-mail, or digitally to homes and mobile devices. With a highly recognized brand and a library of more than 100,000 movies, TV shows and game titles, Blockbuster’s multichannel presence serves millions of customers around the world annually.