Launches New Blinds That Lower Energy Bills and Increases Home Efficiency, the leading retailer of custom window treatments, launches cellular blinds that serve as powerful weapons against the heat of Summer. The Super Insulating Triple Cell Shade is the ideal solution for homes with lots of windows and homes with large windows. These blinds are an excellent alternative to buying new windows because they block heat and UV and trap air conditioning like brand new windows would. Customers who install thermal blinds report saving significantly on cooling costs. They’re a great fit for hotels and hospitals as well.

The Super Insulating Triple Cellular Shade has three layers of honeycomb cells and an incredibly high insulating R-value (resistance to heat flow) of 3.66, more than doubling the energy efficiency of a double-glazed window and almost quadrupling the effectiveness of a single pane of glass.

It blocks sun and harmful UV rays that damage skin and furniture, traps in heat when it’s cold, and prevents Detrimental Energy Loss. 5% of the A/C in your house escapes through tiny cracks in between windows and walls. These cell shades prevent that from happening.

They’re available with all of the most popular upgrades: top down / bottom up, cordless, continuous cord loop, motorization, and come in some beautiful, neutral colors.

The Super Insulation Triple Cellular Shade is the best window treatment for homeowners in the market for stylish shades that protect their homes and lower their energy costs.

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