| Bartending School Sees A Sharp Increase In Course Enrollment

Have you ever considered attending a bartending school? Contrary to popular belief, bartending schools are still regarded as one of the most useful processes for upcoming bartenders. These bartending schools, despite what some bartenders may state, are considered by those hiring and do in fact make quite the difference. A 100 person survey done by claims an astonishing 86% job placement rate within 45 days of completing the course. conducted the survey following a spike in online registrations.

Bartending school will not only help you get confidence needed to get a job, but anyone can use them, at any time. According to, recreational use has also increased. Over 25% of those who took the survey claim the reason for signing up was for personal interest rather than a new job or career choice. One of these graduates, John Paige, stated, “I originally took the course because I wanted to make drinks for friends during our parties, but soon after graduating I also needed to find employment. Using the knowledge I had learned I aced an interview, which included making a few drinks. I had a new, fun and well paying job behind the bar before the college semester even started.”

An issue with a hands on bartending school, especially for college students, is the cost and flexible schedules.Online bartending school, like, offer an option to complete the course “at your own pace”. This allows anyone to complete the course, chapter by chapter. The cost for online schools is dramatically lower than the in person counterparts. In-class courses cost upwards of $500 whereas an bartending school online such as is a fraction of the cost. offers job placement within the users area, a plethora of tutorial videos and an online store to purchase any utensils that help expedite the learning process. This helps ensure that taking the class online is far more convenient, yet offers the same education as in-class options.

Just like many colleges are now allowing courses online, many trade and certification courses are doing the same. This online bartending school is refining their services and allow participants to feel the entire experience in a cost effective way. With their offerings, you can receive everything a normal brick and mortar class offers – minus the high cost and inconvenient hours.

Check out if you’ve ever considered an online course to help you brush up on skills or get a new full or part-time job. Alternatively, as Taylor Davis said, “When I was done I was able to get a bartending job and do what I enjoyed doing most, make money and impress my friends.”

Summer is dying down but that doesn’t mean the jobs are. With holidays around the corner, experience is what you need, school is about to start, college students need jobs, and everyone needs cash. The economy may be down- but bartending jobs are on the rise and have historically been a steady job in all types of economic situations with high pay nights and great atmospheres for most people. Look into bartending courses online and let the money and fun roll in.