Animal Control Management Launches National Expansion – Creates Franchise Opportunities

Animal Control Management Launches National Expansion - Creates Franchise Opportunities

Animal Control Management Launches National Expansion - Creates Franchise Opportunities

Port Orange, FL  (Profitable.comAnimal Control Management announces an aggressive expansion of their nuisance wildlife removal services by offering protected territory franchise opportunities. Long established as a leader in the humane removal of annoying, pest-category wildlife in Central Florida, Animal Control Management handles all types of animal removal and exclusion using proprietary, state of the art materials and techniques that permit them to offer an industry-unique warranty backing their services.

The franchises will be sold in protected territories and will offer franchisees a rigorous training program and cooperative advertising and promotion opportunities. For the franchisee, this venture affords them a turn-key solution complete with best-practice procedures and a recognizable brand with significant asset value.

“We’ve wanted to expand the business for some time now and felt that our franchise model affords owners numerous opportunities to learn a unique business model as well as giving them a running-start by adopting our well-established brand,” states Russell Adams, Founder and CEO of Animal Control Management. He continues, “Animal Control Management has always practiced humane and environmentally sensitive animal control methods, we simply refuse to use poisons of any kind and we look forward to working with like-minded owners and growing the brand throughout the country.”

Animal Control Management specializes in rat removal, squirrel removal, raccoon removal, and bat colony removal. They humanely remove all pest-category, problematic wildlife and have established dedicated programs for effectively dealing with the unique challenges presented by armadillos, opossums, birds, and snakes as well as the numerous indigenous reptiles found throughout Florida.

About Animal Control Management

Animal Control Management Inc. was founded in 2007, on the premise that nuisance wildlife such as rats, bats, raccoons, snakes, and squirrels, etc. could be safely, effectively and humanely removed from commercial properties and residential homes. More importantly, they pioneered a revolutionary method to ensure that these nuisance-category wildlife pests will not return. With well-documented customer service and an unheard of industry warranty backing their work, Animal Control Management is poised to grow their business model throughout America. For more information, visit

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Russell Adams, Founder and CEO at 386.235.2175