Amid iPhone 5 Rumors and iPhone 4 Price Slashing, Totem Encourages iPhone 4 Owners to Sell Now to Get Top Dollar

The iPhone 5 rumor mill is in full force since tipsters revealed on August 2 that Apple plans to soon cut its prices on the iPhone 4. The fifth generation iPhone, which is speculated to possibly be branded as a 4GS or a 5, is expected to debut this fall, with most industry insiders thinking sometime between late September and mid October. With that in mind, Totem encourages anyone who plans to purchase the new iPhone 5 to start making plans to sell used iPhones now before prices drop.

Full reports of iPhone 5 features are not yet available, but some details have been confirmed. One detail that is not up for speculation is the improved operating system that will be included in the next iPhone. Revealed at the annual WWDC industry conference in June, iOS 5 is set to launch in the fall alongside Apple’s innovative iCloud program which will allow all Apple products to be activated and updated wirelessly.

iOS 5 will also introduce a user messaging service similar to BlackBerry’s BBM that supports picture, video, and contact sharing as well as group messages, increasing the iPhone’s potential to become a true business device. Users can also expect an updated notification center, new entertainment features like a newsstand and game center, built-in support for Twitter and Safari, as well as upgrades to photo editing software and email programs.

Unconfirmed reports claim the iPhone 5 will be completely redesigned, perhaps sporting a curvier, slimmer figure. Now that the quirks have been worked out, options in black and white should be offered. Enhanced voice features that control music, text messaging and FaceTime applications are expected, as is support for full 1080p HD videos, an expanded screen, additional memory, a faster processor and larger storage capabilities. One of the wilder rumors claims that the new smartphone will even be able to function as a debit card.

With so many compelling iPhone 5 features, many smartphone users will want to upgrade. Smart consumers will prepare now while they can still get top dollar on their early-generation iPhones. Selling a phone to a reputable phone buyback program like Totem is a quick and easy to earn quick cash to fund an iPhone 5 purchase, as well as responsibly dispose of an old phone. When customers choose to partner with Totem within 72 hours they receive a cash deposit into their PayPal account or they are sent a check in the mail.


Totem is committed to providing the highest quality buyback program in the industry, while remaining true to its values of social responsibility. The company’s expert team of recyclers works diligently to ensure that consumers have an easy, efficient method to dispose of their old iPhones in a financially lucrative and environmentally friendly manner.