Amazon’s New Kindle Is Right Around the Corner!

Amazon's New Kindle Is Right Around the Corner!The rumors have really been flying lately about Amazon’s new Kindle coming to the market. It is very real and it is just around the corner. How much will the new Amazon Kindle cost and what can you expect from it when it launches just in time for the holiday season?

Amazon has some pretty stiff competition in the ereader market, but they have easily managed to stay on top with their current Kindle offerings. Barnes & Noble has been competing very well with the Nook Color, but things are going to change real soon.

The new Amazon Kindle is real and it is almost ready to be launched. Right now it is being called, “Amazon Kindle.” This name is short, simple and sweet, but the ereader device won’t be so simple. It will be loaded with many features to compete with the iPad and the Nook Color.

The new Amazon Kindle will feature a full color seven inch touch display. We all knew that was coming. Something else that the rumor mill has been busy churning out was the fact that the new Amazon Kindle will be running Android. This is true as well, but only partly.

The new Amazon Kindle will be running a heavily modified version of Android. It looks and feels nothing like the current Android tablets on the market. This is Amazon’s own version of Android and it has nothing to do with Google. In fact, the Google Android Marketplace will not be available on the Amazon Kindle at all. Instead Kindle users will have access to Amazon’s very own Appstore for Android. Now things are starting to make sense.

The new Amazon Kindle is currently making its rounds internally through Amazon Employees. It is not yet finalized, therefore it is not even been put into production. However it will be available this holiday season, and the question on everyone’s mind is, “How much will the new Amazon Kindle cost?” The answer is a very competitive $250.00. That is half the price of an iPad and the same price as The Nook Color.

This ereader device will be revolutionary. Users will have access to their ebooks, the internet, the Amazon App market, Amazon’s huge music selection and Amazon’s video service. Amazon has done an excellent job of building a very strong foundation for the new Amazon Kindle, and chances are it will be a best seller this holiday season.


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