Agem Capital to Sponsor a Gold Mining Company on the OTC Markets

Agem Capital Management (Agem Capital) announced the Mayfair-based boutique is introducing a gold and copper mine investment company to a next-generation OTC platform in London. Interim Press Release

London  (Profitable.comAgem Capital Management Ltd. (Agem Capital) today announced the listing of ordinary shares of the investment vehicle of their flagship gold mine project on a junior securities market is imminent. The investment vehicle, structured as a Plc. registered in the United Kingdom in conjuction with a leading global law firm and corporate service provider, is presently being positioned for electronic clearing and settlement services in London. Initial start-up capital has been spent on the project by the founding shareholder as prospecting licence expenses to date by equity line funding and there are further commitments exceeding US$ 10 million earmarked for the exploration stage. The project company with the exploration licences and pending mining concession rights will be transferred to the Plc. in the UK following completion of its listing on one of the most dynamic European OTC securities markets by Agem Capital.

”The time to take advantage of this truly golden opportunity at a discount without having to pay the liquidity premium is actually right now.” said the CEO at Agem.

The project is located in a rich resource belt in South-East Asia with high gold potential. The current estimated gold resource of the project after second sampling exceeds 350 tonnes at over 4g/t, which proves significantly more outstanding gold resources than that of many other Asian gold mining companies listed in overseas exchanges. The project also offers potential for copper production as well as opportunity for silver. Assuming 10 years mine life and only a conservative 40% utilization, the project aims to achieve an expected gold output exceeding 460 000 ounces by 2016 per year. Based on the 50% gross margin of the adjacent gold mine, the gold output of the project in the neutral scenario has a net profit forecast estimated at US$ 200 million+ per year. The payback period is forecasted at approximately 1 – 3 years under the neutral or bullish gold price outlook. The comparative exploration-stage market valuation may exceed US$ 2 billion.

With management support from Agem Capital, procedures for the OTC listing are progressing swiftly.

About the gold mine project

Owned and operated by a fully-owned subsidiary of a Hong-Kong and Singapore-based private asset management firm with senior investment banking leadership.

About Agem Capital

Agem supplies creative management consultancy services regarding global capital market solutions and access to alternative platforms for foreign SMEs and investment firms. The company is based in Mayfair, London.