Adaptive Technology Associates Develops Innovative Call Center Services for Bosma Enterprises

Raleigh Tech Consultants Enhance Operations for Organization Dedicated to Empowering the Blind and Visually Impaired

Raleigh, NC  (  Adaptive Technology Associates, Inc. (ATA), a Raleigh contact center consulting firm, has been contracted to provide services for Bosma Enterprises, an Indianapolis-based organization dedicated to empowering the blind and visually impaired. ATA will assist Bosma in their technology platform migration for call center services, through which they employ blind and visually impaired workers to deliver inbound customer service request programs for their clients

Adaptive Technology Associates assisted Bosma’s call center business by providing technical recommendations, project management, and sales training. They have also been an integral player in developing proposal and bid responses for Bosma’s call center services. With the addition of sales personnel, ATA is providing Bosma with sales training, delivering a series of modules that includes the anatomy of a contact center, technologies deployed, metrics, reporting to scripting, and selling contact center capabilities as an outsource service.

Bosma employs staff in specialty signage, printing, and disposable glove packaging business segments. The agency launched their contact center in 2008, employing four agents. Adaptive Technology Associates is currently paving the way for a substantial increase in operations and employment, as well as client growth.

In the short time since Bosma began their partnership with Adaptive Technology Associates, the Indiana Home Builder Association (IBA) has extended their contract for call center services. The IBA holds the State of Indiana Energy weatherization contract to provide energy audits and repairs for qualified residents, as part of the federal stimulus program. Inquiry calls for assistance from residents are answered and pre-qualified by Bosma contact center agents who gather necessary data from the resident for the IBA, which is used to schedule an energy audit. Bosma handles more than 2,000 calls per month for the IBA.

About Adaptive Technology Associates

Adaptive Technology Associates Inc (ATA) is a business practice dedicated to connecting people through empowered technologies. ATA specializes in providing targeted strategic and tactical consulting programs in business process and business development for the contact center. They have unique experience supporting agencies of the visually impaired and blind, helping them develop their own contact center businesses step by step… from concept to client contracts. For more information call (919) 779-3133.

About Bosma Enterprises

Since 1915, Bosma Enterprises, based in Indianapolis, has been positively impacting the world of those who are blind or visually impaired. From humble beginnings as a small group providing rehabilitation services to those who had experienced a loss of vision, the organization has blossomed into a full-scale rehabilitation and staffing operation, employing and empowering more than 175 on-site workers. Bosma Enterprises helps their staff gain job-training skills and develop independence by providing employment and job placement opportunities.