A New Revolutionary Drink That Provides an “All-In-One” Healthy Hydration, OXYwater Is the World’s First Enhanced Water to Contain Added Oxygen

OXYwater’s line of healthy, refreshing, energy boosting hydrating beverages hit the market August 10th. Priding itself in being a drink that provides a blast of healthy hydration, without the need to add sugar, calories or carbohydrates, the future of hydration has arrived with OxyWater.

OXYwater is the world’s first enhanced water to contain added oxygen, B vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes. Using a special patented process, the added oxygen helps to create a healthy beverage with a light, refreshing taste. Parents, kids, students, diabetics, athletes and more are using OXYwater to quench their thirst and restore energy. This groundbreaking drink has gained the attention of star athletes such as Atlanta Falcon’s, Eric Weems and European basketball stars, Kenny Gregory and Shaun Stonerook.

“During my team practices I don’t drink any sports drinks that are on the market because they normally cause me to cramp up…..after drinking the OXYwater, I continued practicing and didn’t cramp up, not once. Now, OXYwater is my official hydration regiment,” said Atlanta Falcon’s Eric Weems.

With delicious flavors like Island Citrus, Cherry Pomegranate and Passion Berry, users will get the antioxidant power equal to five servings of fresh fruits in just one drink, without any sugar, carbohydrates or calories! Unlike other flavored water products that are loaded with added sugars and artificial flavors, OXYwater is all natural and sweetened with FDA approved Stevia Reb A, which adds to the naturally great taste. Packed with nutrient necessities, water never tasted so good, while benefiting the body with every sip.

With rising concern over sugary drinks, OXYwater sugar free brand is on the cutting edge of healthy beverages, giving parents a non-sugar alternative for their kids and a smart option for diabetics. This no-guilt drink is the perfect beverage for weight loss and is a healthy hydration option for exercising. There is simply nothing like this on the market today. People no longer have to choose between tasteless bottled water, sugary and unhealthy enhanced waters, or caffeine loaded energy drinks. OXYwater is the future of hydration!

OXYwater was created by entrepreneurs Tom Jackson and Preston Harrison who wanted to provide a healthier option for the American public to hydrate naturally and a drink they could give their kids without sugar and caffeine. Experience the ultimate hydration beverage! OXYwater will be available at oxywater.com August 10th and will be in select stores August 30, 2011.

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