10 Things ‘Shark Tank’ Investors Look For

10 Things 'Shark Tank' Investors Look For

Shark Tank became an overnight television success because a majority of Americans dream of the idea of hitting it big. It does give some entrepreneurs a shot at success, but the majority of guests on the show go home with nothing. If you’re dreaming of making it big yourself with a start up business, try learning a few things from the ideas the sharks pick and turn down. It’s a good way to test your ideas against the experts—even if you don’t plan to go on the show to make a pitch.

If you’re hoping to find an investor to help you expand, start by turning a profit. It’s very hard to convince someone to offer you thousands or millions of dollars on a product that hasn’t left the proverbial starting gate. Also, do your homework and polish your business skills before getting in contact with investors. The big names on Shark Tank often send guests home with nothing simply because they didn’t seem confident or polished enough to pull off their dream. Finally, find a way to show your commitment to your business. Start ups don’t go far without a dedicated leader at the helm who is ready to give it their all.

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